It's time for a party!

The xAPI Party is a gathering of tinkerers, explorers, strategic thinkers and people getting stuff done with the Experience API. It’s a day filled with case studies, how-to sessions, demos and networking. (OK, yes, it’s really a one-day conference, but Party sounds like – and is – a lot more fun.)

As you may know, xAPI is the up-and-coming spec for tracking learning and performance. While it’s rewarding to be at the forefront of xAPI’s implementation, there’s still so much to learn and so much yet to be decided by the industry. We find meeting with other curious trailblazers helps all involved. That’s why we host the 12-week learning-by-doing-in-teams-on-projects xAPI Learning Cohort every spring and fall. Folks from a diverse group of organizations, with a range of xAPI experience, form themselves into teams to explore a variety of use cases. And then we celebrate all that work with a Party.

We had sessions for the novice and the expert, for the tech-proficient and the tech-reluctant, and sessions for the Learning Cohort teams to share their projects. We simulcast a third of the sessions, and post the recordings.

You can attend the xAPI Party live or virtually, and registration is free. You do not need to have participated in the Cohort to join the Party, and vice versa.

Fri, December 11, 2020
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